• New home wiring  
  • Plugs conveniently located for your Christmas lights
    Get rid of those annoying extension cords
  • Electric in floor heating
  • Digital programmable or non programmable thermostat installation
  • Baseboard heater replacement or upgrade
  • Renovation: wiring kitchen, bathroom, basement addition
  • Upgrade fuse panels to breakers service change
  • Lighting control
    Dimmer, motion activated switches. light sensors, timers
  • Inspect aluminium in older homes
    Install proper plugs, switches and marettes for aluminum wiring
  • Telephone, tv and speaker wiring
  • Addition of outlets in finished homes: Plugs, switches, lights, pot lights
    We will use our years of experience and a few tricks learned along the way to add the outlet you desire
  • Whole house surge protector
    Surge protector power bars only protect your computers and home entertainment systems. You can protect everything electrical in your home by using a surge protector installed on your electrical panel
  • Pool Wiring and Grounding
    There is more to it than just plugging in your motor into an outlet and forgetting about it.  Water and electricity together are very dangerous. 
  • Hot tubs wiring
    Same as Pool
  • Service calls for any electrical issue in your home with no minimum fee
    We will not cost you an arm and a leg just because you are stuck
  • Gadgets
    Integrated USB outlets, so you can simply plug your Smartphone or tablets into the wall, and built in night lights in your hallway receptacle 
  • Generator back up system

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